Beginner Golf Tips You Should Remember Before Playing

golf tips

Many golfers do not practice a lot simply because they don’t like to do it. If you want to learn the game of golf, you should focus on how to improve your swing. There are adjustments you need to make as you through the process. Spend at least thirty (30) minutes per week working on full swings. Here are additional tips to remember before you become a good golf player.

The Trigger

Your hips, shoulders, hips, and clubface should be aligned to hit the target. You can have a towel and a gold shaft to get some help. When doing so, pay a keen attention to your comfort. It may be weird, but it is you who can tell if there is no tension to address. This means you should be balanced, ready and relaxed for action.


It is better to have the loft to perform excellently in your golf target. Unless you have been well-coordinated and strong in some ball sports and sticks, look for woods having more loft. The reason behind this is that it is easier to catch a ball in the air. At the same time, you reduce side spin causing shots to fly straighter. Choose drivers having ten (10) degrees of loft or more, and fairway woods starting at seventeen (17) degrees.

Going Back

The hands, arms, body and the club should turn together. It is often called as the one-piece takeaway. If you do not stay connected, this creates mistakes in terms of your downswing. The best way to control your hands from doing backswing is delaying the wrist hinge. Do this until the shaft’s parallel to the ground.

Check out this great video explaining the one-piece takeaway:


See to it that you have sufficient room for swinging the club down to the ball starting inside going to the target. If it seems that your body blocks the club from doing so, this implies that you failed to complete the back swing. Making a full turn with the upper body as you go back helps a lot. Avoid taking the golf club back with your arm.

Distance Control

Take the time to really get to know how far you hit each club.  You can achieve this on the range or by using a golf watch or range finder that use GPS technology.  A big mistake beginners often make is poor club selection, so get to know your clubs to avoid making this mistake.

Learn and be informed especially as a beginner golfer.  You can ask for the help of a teacher or pro golfers if you are not confident that you are practicing the proper way. Practice every day to see the best results, because muscle memory is a big part of the game.  Golf requires a lot of patience.  Remember to set realistic goals to help make the game fun.

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